CURVD®: Fun Facts About The Start in 2019

CURVD®: Fun Facts About The Start in 2019

The story of the CURVD mug starts with a startup that was founded before CURVD. 

In 2017 Jed and Amin met through a mutual friend who had an idea for a 3D printable assistive device. They realized the power of 3D printing is beyond imagination. One can design something from any part of the world and give access to everyone.

Jed and Amin launched the project Blue Heart Hero: An open-source platform to share 3D printable solutions to everyday problems of those with physical challenges.

Man designing on paper and laptop a 3D printed pen holder used by an amputee to hold a pen and write easily
Blue Heart Hero - The Design of the 3D printable pen holder

They learned that despite the work behind prosthetic arms are admirable, but it is not a solution. Some people are born with partial upper limbs and that is natural to them, wearing a robotic arm customized to their body is expensive and unatural. 


CURVD wasn't the 1st Startup!

Jed and Amin designed a pen holder attachment that costs less than $1 to 3D print, free for download and it clips on clothes, a watchband, or bracelets. Easy access to the attachment, low profile design, and a task-based solution, as opposed to prosthetic arms that are trying to replace a whole arm. 

If products can be more accessible using design as the main tool, why not design products from scratch with everyone in mind. They continued building Blue Heart Hero as an online community of designers who share their ideas with the world to create new possibilities and opportunities. 

How are we segregating people and forget about underserved people, when we can design for everyone in mind, create new possibilities, and empower lives of those underrepresented groups.

“What everyday product hasn’t been upgraded in a long time? What is a product everyone uses every day? If we redesign it, can we manufacture and distribute it?” – Jed and Amin asked themselves. 

Why a coffee mug?
Hands holding coffee mugs in different colors

The best way to share the Human-Friendly Design mission with society was to come up with a product that checks every item on this list:

  • An everyday use product
  • Easy to understand
  • Never been optimized for better inclusivity before
  • Simple to manufacture
  • No shelf life
  • Serves individuals and businesses
  • Easy to customize
  • Low overhead costs for production
We wrote an article just on this subject, Why a mug! Read more here
Man looking at 2 3D printed ergonomic CURVD mugs in a ceramic studio
Jed Tango working on early prototypes of the mug

They started making prototypes using 3D printing and with the help of local ceramic studios. 

After 50 prototypes they selected and sent it to more than 500 customers for feedback. 

Read: The Design of The CURVD Mug

Technology played a huge role in developing the mug. We used a number of tech that lowered cost of design, prototyping, and manufacturing: Virtual RealityAugmented Reality3D printing, etc. 

Man sketching mugs on paper with CURVD mug prototype on the table
This is brilliant and so obvious. If I were buying mugs for a business it would be this mug: AN ACCESSIBLE MUG. DUH. curvD For Every Hand!

CURVD has partnered with Lucky Fin Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children, individuals, and families affected by limb differences.


CURVD’s team highly values the feedback from Lucky Fin community members to better understand the needs of thos underserved groups.

CURVD mug collaboration with Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit supporting kids with partial limbs. A girl with partial hand holding the CURVD mug without a grip due to the design of the handle.
CURVD exists to redesign everyday houseware products with everyone in mind to create a world that includes all the underrepresented communities.
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