CURVD® is a consumer product brand that focuses on redesigning everyday products with everyone in mind. CURVD® is build on inclusive design, collaboration, and social impact. 

It is CURVD®'s core mission to design products for all humans regardless of their capabilities. 

After reviewing numerous products, we realized the gift shop mug is the perfect product to start with. Read more about it here.

Brooklyn, NY.

Blue Heart Hero, a 3D printable assistive device company in Brooklyn, was created to help those with limb differences and disabilities. However, we realized that the problem lies in the design of certain products, not the people. This led us to create CURVD®, a company that was inspired by Blue Heart Hero but would focus on creating products for everyone regardless of limb differences.

We believe if we all use inclusive products, we will create a more human friendly world where everyone has access to everyday products, tasks, and services regardless of they physical appearances. 

Yes we do! Our mugs come in all-paper packaging. Sustainability is another concern at CURVD®, we love people and our beautiful planet. 

The mugs are initially manufactured in China, the artwork print and distribution is done here in the United States.

Yes we do! Learn more on our For Your Business page or reach out to us for pricing at hello@curvd.com

We made more than 100 designs around an inclusive mug, with votes from friends and other designers, we picked the latest design available on our shop page.

The founders are Jed Tango and Amin Hasani

Yes you can. Contact us at hello@curvd.com to learn about our pricing for custom print orders. 

As of now, classic white mugs will ship in 3-5 business days and the artwork printed mugs take 7-10 days to process. We are actively working on lowering the processing time.

Yes absolutely, we've worked with a number of artists in Brooklyn, NY. Email us at hello@curvd.com for collaboration, let's talk! 

If you care about your body then yes! The design of the mug transfers the weight of the drink to your arm rather than your finger joints. After some time you will no longer enjoy using the other mugs! 

It is a non-for-profit founded by Amin and Jed in 2017 to design open-source 3D printable assistive devices for amputees. Learn more about it here:


For consumers we'd like to offer a wide range of different artwork prints. Some of the designs are mission-based, some aren't. While our product is the mug, we want our clients to have more options than classic white mug.

Yes we are. There are more drink-ware already in the design process. We have more upcoming products in different categories. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

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