Brooklyn, New York

The Human Friendly™ Mission 💙

Businesses don’t consider serving the under-represented groups a priority. Serving the disabled community starts with understanding the problem. When we launched Blue Heart Hero in 2017, our goal was to help those with limb differences have better access to tasks and products. Instead of designing a robotic arm, we designed 3D printable attachments.

Social Impact
“The problem is not the people with disabilities, it’s the design of the products.”
Amin Hasani
Co-founder at CURVD
Human Friendly™ 💙

What our customers say about our mission


Starting with a patented design, that creates a comfortable experience for the user while accessible to those under-served groups. CURVD® continues to introduce products that allow businesses


By introducing products that are designed with everyone in mind, and create new opportunities for mission-oriented businesses.


We imagine a world where everybody has access to products and services, regardless of their capabilities.