Founded in 2019

Our Story

Founded by two best friends in Brooklyn, after designing 3D printable assistive devices for people with disabilities, Amin and Jed decided to redesign everyday products with everyone in mind.

Creating New Possibilities

Designed for everybody, one product at a time.

CURVD® is a mission-oriented consumer houseware product. The CURVD® team challenges the status quo of everyday products through inclusivity, accessibility, aesthetics, and premium materials.

Amin Hasani

An immigrant entrepreneur, who came to the US in 2015 to continue his education in engineering. Amin found his way up from being homeless in NYC to designing 50+ products for major airports and banks in the US. His first invention was a custom wheelchair for children at school when he was 14. Amin is interested in technology, 3D printing, cars, hiking, and cooking pizza.

Jed Tango

Jed is a licensed sailor who used to sail U.S. foreign aid to Africa and has a master's degree in Ocean Engineering. Jed spends most of his time tinkering and making different things, such as a hydroponic garden that grows strawberries in a Brooklyn apartment or building new 3D printers designed to work onboard ships.

It all started in our living room in Brooklyn, NY.

We learned from our experience while developing the Blue Heart Hero Platform

We develope 3D printable assistive devices for people with limb differences or disabilities.

We decided to reimagine the design of everyday products. We chose mugs, because everyone deserves to enjoy their drink at any business or at home, regardless of their capabilities. We realized that the diner-style mugs, or gift-shop mugs are the most common, familiar, standard mug that you can find at almost every shop. We designed the CURVD mug, to reinvent it. A design that follows the natural grip of a hand, wide and open handle for tight grip, and a slope on the handle to allow those with disability have a stable grip.

Established in 2019
The idea

The idea of changing the status quo


500+ prototypes tested by different groups of people

1st Production

Launched a glossy white ceramic mug

Next Product

More drinkware, more everyday products

Our Mission

CURVD® exists to redesign everyday houseware products with everyone in mind to create a world that includes all the underrepresented communities.

Want to make your business Human Friendly™?

Making a friendlier world, one product at a time.