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How We Met
In 2020, Amin was looking for a production studio to make early prototypes of the CURVD Mug. This led him to a local ceramic shop in Brooklyn, NY, where he met Jazmin, the co-founder of Franca NYC. To their surprise, they discovered they lived in the same building and eventually married on its rooftop in 2022.

The Team

We are Amin and Jazmin, our personal and professional lives have beautifully intertwined since 2020. Along with our co-founder Jed Tango, we envisioned the Perfect Coffee Mug.

Our shared connection and passion for creating new products have driven us to pour our savings, sweat, and tears into CURVD. We are dedicated to creating functional, beautiful everyday products that bring joyful moments to you. We hope you enjoy our CURVD Mug and wish to continue building more awesome products for you.

Amin Hasani
An immigrant from Iran, Amin's journey began with a challenging start. In 2015, while studying Engineering at City College of New York, he experienced homelessness for several weeks. Amin persevered and later joined several companies where he had the opportunity to design products for LaGuardia Airport, JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, and more.

Jazmin de la Guardia
Co-founder of Franca NYC, a renowned Brooklyn-based women-owned ceramic studio, Jazmin has worked with top brands like Food52, NYTimes, MoMA, and Bottega Veneta. Her expertise in production, art direction, and branding has been instrumental in building CURVD.

We Believe in the Power of Good Design

At CURVD, our journey began with a vision to merge design and functionality in everyday products. We started by reimagining the coffee mug, resulting in the CURVD mug, which combines innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. Our products are thoughtfully designed to assist individuals with lower dexterity and limited mobility, showcasing our commitment to inclusive design and quality. At CURVD, we believe great design enriches lives, and we’re dedicated to creating beautifully functional pieces that reflect this philosophy.

Our Start

Open-source assistive designs

In 2017, we started a non-for-profit called Blue Heart Hero Inc. We designed open-source assistive devices that helped those with limited mobilities with their daily tasks. Our goal was to create a friendly environment for the under-represented groups.
The Idea

First prototypes of the CURVD mug

We had the idea of making the perfect coffee mug. A mug made with chemical-free premium ceramic and a large handle that offers an unmatching comfort compared to the mugs in the market.
The Product

Final design

After 50+ designs and testing with 200+ individuals, we came down to the design of the CURVD Mug. A design that was selected as top 100 designs of 2021 by the INNOVATION magazine.
Coming Soon

New colors and size

Many of you reached out to us asking for colors a larger mug. We listened to every single feedback and we introduced four new colors for the 15 oz mug and a 20 oz mug with 3 colors.
The Future

More products designed for you

Our mission is to continue building products that blend form and function, that add a touch of elegance and comfort to your day.

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