Ergonomic Mug Designed For Everybody

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Ergonomic Mug Designed For Everybody

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We redesigned the gift mug!

Drawings of hands holding the CURVD mug differently. One is resting the mug on the hand and one is holding it with two hands,.
2 amputee hands holding the CURVD mug in different ways. One is missing lower limb and one hand is missing fingers. Both are able to hold the CURVD mug with no problem.

Things we kept in mind💡

Old man holding an ergonomic CURVD Mug with one hand. disabled, lower dexterity, limb difference, Parkinson, arthritis
Ergonomic Design

  • Seamless drinking experience

  • Ultimate comfort

  • Least pressure on the hand

woman holding an ergonomic CURVD Mug with both hands

  • Award-winning design

  • Sleek and familiar-looking 

  • A unique gift

CURVD® Ergonomic Mug in the hands of a woman with partial fingers. the human friendly mug fits all hands, comfortable, inclusive, accessible, DEI, minimal, and modern

  • Designed with everyone in mind

  • Creates a friendlier world 

  • Fits everybody

"products that break biases" "the Human Friendly mug" "designed for everybody"

Yanko Design
Innovation Magazine
Our Mission

Human Friendly® 💙

Our mission is to redesign everyday products with everyone in mind.

For Businesses

Easy to Customize

A modern, comfortable, impact-based custom mug for your business.

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